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[2008 Chichester Rally]
2008 Chichester Rally

[2009 Summer Cruise]
2009 Summer Cruise

[2009 April Chichester Rally]
2009 April Chichester Rally

[2009 Greek Flotilla]
2009 Greek Flotilla

[2009 June Bembridge Rally]
2009 June Bembridge Rally

[2009 May  Ionian flotilla holiday]
2009 May Ionian flotilla holiday

[2009 May More Ionian]
2009 May More Ionian

[2009 YOSC Elizabeth 'A' Round the Island]
2009 YOSC Elizabeth 'A' Round the Island

[2010 April Chichester Rally]
2010 April Chichester Rally

[2014 YOSC Bembridge BBQ]
2014 YOSC Bembridge BBQ

[20th Anniversary - Members Photos]
20th Anniversary - Members Photos

[20th Anniversary - Official Photos]
20th Anniversary - Official Photos

[Aborted Cherbourg Rally]
Aborted Cherbourg Rally



[Bosham 2012 SJV]
Bosham 2012 SJV

[Chichester Rally 2012]
Chichester Rally 2012

[Christmas Party  2007]
Christmas Party 2007

[Gnutcracker III]
Gnutcracker III

[Island Harbour Rally May 2010]
Island Harbour Rally May 2010

[London River]
London River

[Mikes YOSC Miscellany]
Mikes YOSC Miscellany

[Mutts and Boats]
Mutts and Boats

[Norfolk Broads 2007]
Norfolk Broads 2007

[Northney Rally 2007]
Northney Rally 2007

[Northney Rally 2008]
Northney Rally 2008


[Sailors Skiing]
Sailors Skiing

[Solent Shallows]
Solent Shallows

[Summer Cruise 2007]
Summer Cruise 2007

[Summer Cruise 2012 - SJV]
Summer Cruise 2012 - SJV

[Terry's Damned Camera]
Terry's Damned Camera

[YOSC 2007 Scrapheap Boats]
YOSC 2007 Scrapheap Boats

[YOSC 2008 Island Harbour Rally]
YOSC 2008 Island Harbour Rally

[YOSC 2008 Round The Island Rally]
YOSC 2008 Round The Island Rally

[YOSC 2008 Summer Cruise]
YOSC 2008 Summer Cruise

[YOSC Newtown Rally 2014]
YOSC Newtown Rally 2014


YAHOO Site is Closed
The YAHOO site is now closed and most of the photos have been transferred.
We have a nice lot of photos of YOSC Events and other items of interest so keep them coming.
A short tutorial can be downloaded from the Photo Gallery main page to help in displaying your photos.
Please try to limit the file size to 600k to reduce our Website bandwith.

Transfer from YAHOO Site
We are in the process of transferring the photos from the YAHOO site. The picture density is limited due to download restrictions on the file size.
To limit the bandwith on our Website, would all contributors please restrict the file size to 600kB

Order of display of photos
The order of display of photo titles in the album defaults to "alphabetic" so in order to display the photos in the required order, prefix each photo title with a number in the form #11_ #12_ E.g. #11_Picture Name etc. The prefix will not appear in the title.

Yahoo Replacement
It has been suggested that the YOSC Picture Gallery should reside here instead of on the Yahoo site.
This means that it will be totally under our control and will not require YOSC Members to set-up a Yahoo account.
Let us know if you agree with this proposal.
John Weale

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