Membership of Yateley Offshore Sailing Club is open to anyone with an interest in Sailing. There is no waiting list or interview procedure.

Many useful facilities are available to Members including a library of sailing books and videos, use of maintenance tools and equipment, a monthly Newsletter, burgee, clothing, car stickers and lots more. CLICK HERE to download a full listing.

Membership Forms are available by contacting the Membership Secretary or you can
CLICK HERE to download a Form.

There is a Joining Fee of 10.00 for all classes of Membership.

Subs may be paid by electronic transfer.  Contact the Membership Secretary for details of sort code and account number.

Current YOSC Members - if you have lost or mislaid your Renewal Form - CLICK HERE to download a replacement Form and send it with your fee and a note of any changes in your personal data to the Membership Secretary at the address shown on the Form.

The classes of Membership are as shown in the following table:

Categories and details of Membership

Type of Member

Event Subsidy



Voting Rights



1 member over 18 yrs

Joining Fee 10 + 27

1 vote



1/2 adults + children under 18 yrs

Joining Fee 10 + 32

1 vote by either adult





0 vote





1 vote






Definitions of Members
FOUNDER: Full or Family member who joined prior to 1 January 1992
COUNTRY: Person who was previously a full or family member, now living outside 30-mile radius.
HONORARY: As defined in Rule 47

Note 1: A Member elected after 1 June in any year shall pay the Joining Fee and half the annual subscription for that year. (Rule 16)

Note 2: A Member elected after 1 October in any year shall not be required to pay any subscription in respect of the year of election, but shall pay, on election, the Joining Fee and the annual subscription in respect of the year following election (Rule 16)

Note 3: A copy of the Rules may be obtained by application to the Hon. Secretary or downloaded by clicking here.

Would YOSC Members Please remember to inform the Membership Secretary, Ian Skinner of any changes to your personal data including telephone No., e-mail address MMSI No. etc. so that our database can be kept up-to-date.

For further information on membership, please contact our Membership Secretary.
Telephone: 01276 31241


Last updated: 26 February 2018

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