These pages contain items of general interest such as:     Col Regs, CEVNI Rules, Racing Rules, Flags, Navigation, Maintenance etc. plus a few YOSC Items and some whimsies of my own.

  • Anchor Tests - Yachting Monthly and Sail Magazine report on 14 anchors subjected to a comprehensive series of tests. See how yours compares
  • Beaufort Scale - from "The Art of Coarse Sailing"
  • CEVNI Rules - The European Code for Inland Waterways - to be carried if cruising the European canals
  • Clipper Round the World Race - Sara Smith’s record of her participation in Leg 7 of the Race
  • Col Regs International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea - 1972 including the November 2003 Amendments
  • Col Regs Changes - The January 2016 Amendments
  • Dictionary - the fine art of getting wet and becoming ill, while going nowhere slowly at great expense
  • Directory - This page is designed to provide names and telephone numbers of sailing related Organisations including Marinas, Transport, Agencies, Yacht Clubs, Suppliers, Contractors and many others of general  interest to our Members
  • Electrical Checks - a Guide to Inspecting Marine Electrical Systems
  • Engine Checks - by YOSC's own Marine Diesel Engine "Guru" - Richard Magnay
  • Flag Etiquette - the correct way to wear ensigns, courtesy flags, burgees, house flags etc.
  • Graham France - a collation of photos in memory of our Past Commodore
  • Navigation - Software FREE from the Internet
  • Phonetic Alphabet - NATO/International and a few from the past
  • Portsmouth Yardsticks - handicap ratings for dinghies issued by the RYA
  • Racing Rules of Sailing - issued by the ISAF for 2005 to 2008
  • Sailing Hints - useful sailing hints, tips, methods, gadgets and dodges
  • Solent Waypoints - 140 Waypoint from Nab Tower to Bridge Cardinal in various formats for transferring to your GPS
  • Weather Forecast Form - The RYA/Royal Meteorological Society Met Map for taking down the Shipping Forecast and producing your own Synoptic Chart
  • YOSC Quiz - Questions and Answers
  • Test Event - test

John Weale - Past Commodore is keeping these pages up to date.
Please e-mail him with any comments to:


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Last updated: 17 January 2018


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