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                                 YOSC Summer Cruise - St. Malo

burgee The 2015 Sailing Programme

Chris Wright, our Sailing Secretary has completed the Provisional 2015 Sailing Programme.

Updates and further details will be included here and in the Newsletter when available:

If you would like to participate in any of our Sailing Events, please enter details in the Event Entry Form - CLICK HERE or on the links shown against each event to access the form which will be forwarded to the Event Organiser and the Sailing Secretary

Please look at the programme and sign up for as many as you think you might attend so that the organisers can get a feel for numbers

  • 28-29 March -  Fitting out Supper. Venue to be arranged
  • 11-12 April -  Marchwood/Eling Rally
  • 2-4 May - Lymington/Studland/Poole Rally
  • 16-17 May - Wight Trophy — Round The Island sailing time trial in association with yacht clubs from Guildford and Reading.
  • 23-25 May - Northney Rally
  • 6-7 June - Bembridge Barbeque
  • 20 Jun to 5 July - Summer Cruise—visiting ports on the French coast from Dieppe to Le Havre
  • 18-19 July - Newtown Beach Barbecue
  • 8-9 August - Chichester Rally
  • 22-31 August - Western Promise including Lymington, Studland Bay, Lyme Regis, Lulworth and Weymouth
  • 12-13 Sepember - Hamble Rally
  • 26-27 September -  Lymington Rally—Dan Bran
  • 10-11 October -  Beaulieu Rally
  • 17-18 October - Laying up Supper at East Cowes

The tide tables for Portsmouth and Cherbourg may be viewed and downloaded as shown below.

burgee Skippers Destination

This page is for skippers to post their expected destination up to five days in advance.

It is to let other skippers have  the opportunity to join up with club boats at a given date and place on non YOSC event days.

Entry is restrict red to YOSC Members only with your user name and password.


 to enter the YOSC Skippers Destination Page



burgee   The 2014 Sailing Programme

Chris Wright arranged a very successful sailing programme of events for 2014 which are summarised below. Detailed reports are available in the  Newsletters.

  • 29-30 March - Fitting-out Supper at the Victory Inn, Hamble
  • 12-13 April - Rally to Marchwood
  • 18-21 April “French Raid” 4 day trip to France
  • 3-5 May - Rally to Lymington, Studland & Poole
  • 24-26 May - Rally to Island Harbour I-O-W including the “Scrapheap Challenge”
  • 14-15 June - Bembridge BBQ
  • 21 June - 6 July - Summer Cruise - St. Vaast and eastwards to Le Havre
  • 19-20 July - Rally to Northney
  • 9-10 August - Newtown Beach BBQ
  • 23-31 August - Eastern Promise cruise
  • 20-21 September - Rally to Dan Bran Pontoon, Lymington
  • 11-12 October - Rally to Beaulieu
  • 25 October - Laying-up Supper/Trafalgar Night - at Heron on the Lake, Fleet  GU51 2RY

burgee The 2015 YOSC Committee

During the the AGM on 3 November 2014, the following Members were elected to serve on the YOSC Committee:



Ian Booker


Vice Commodore



Hon. Secretary

John Weale


Hon. Treasurer

Ian Whyteside


Sailing Secretary

Chris Wright


Social Secretary

Joan Evans jointly with Jill Mayhew


Ordinary Member

Alan Bew ( Newsletter Editor)


Ordinary Member

Ian Skinner (Membership Secretary)


Ordinary Member

David Dray (Librarian)



Steven Vincent

Contact details for all Committee Members may be found on the Members Pages

burgee Membership and General Enquiries

Comments on the contents of this page to Tel: 01252 873067

Enquiries about YOSC: e-mail:

Membership enquiries Tel: 01276 31241

burgee Portsmouth Tide Tables

Hourly heights of tide at Portsmouth and seven other locations in the Solent are available here - CLICK HERE to download a copy

Portsmouth Tide Gauge readings showing actual and predicted times can be seen at the National Tidal & Sea Level Facility POL website:

burgee Cherbourg Tide Tables

For those Members who are using the Reeve-Fowkes Tidal Atlas for the Central Channel - these tables give times and heights of high water Cherbourg for 2015.
Note: The times shown in the table are shown in Time Zone -0100 which is one hour ahead of UTC (Coordinated Universal Time - formerly known as GMT).  British Summer Time (BST) is also one hour ahead of UTC. When cruising in home waters during the period from 01:00 on 29 March 2015 to 02:00 on 25 October 2015 inclusive the time read from these tables will be the same as clock time in the UK. Outside these dates the times read from these tables will need to have one hour subtracted to equal UTC.

Copies of the 2015 Cherbourg Tide Tables are now availabe can be downloaded from the publishers Adlard Coles or CLICK HERE to download a pdf copy.

burgee Up the Creek

Past issues of the YOSC Newsletter featured a series of articles by Terry Paynter of his experiences in visiting some of the lesser known anchorages, creeks and harbours around the Solent, Isle of Wight and Poole Harbour plus a few further afield.

The details should be tempered with caution due to the passage of time since the articles were written. Current almanacs and charts should be consulted if in doubt but the notes should give some useful guidance.

CLICK HERE to view the booklet


YOSC burgee

Last updated: 13 January 2015


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